Doghmani Events, Bloc 6B C12 RDC Nesrine, 8057 Yasmine Hammamet – Tunisie

The acquisition of the event ticket entitles and obligates the purchaser and the visitor according to the following terms and conditions. These apply only to the legal relationship between the acquirer of the ticket and Sté Doghmani Events SARL (organizer). If the admission ticket is passed on, the seller is liable for acquiring the knowledge and accepting these terms and conditions by the purchaser.These terms and conditions also apply only to events that the Doghmani Events as the organizer performs. 


1.       Admission of young people

2.       Limitations of Liability

3.       Resale of event tickets

4.       House Rules / Regulations for Use

5.       Refusal of admission and referral for good cause

6.       Execution, relocation or cancellation of the event / return and refund of the event ticket

7.       Copyright, sound and image recordings, personality rights

8.       Applicable law



Important information of Sté Doghmani Events SARL


1.       Admission of young people

(a) Young people under 16 are not admitted to the event. Young people between the ages of 16 and 17 are allowed to stay in the company of a person entitled to custody. Access to the event is only permitted with a valid event ticket and valid identity card. It applies the law for the protection of the youth in the public.

(b) Special arrangements may apply to evening events. The visitor has to inform himself before buying an event ticket.

(c) There may be individual age limits for specific events. These can be found in the respective event description. Please inform yourself about the respective age restrictions before buying.


2.       Limitations of Liability

(a) The organizer shall in any case be liable without limitation for intentional or grossly negligent damages, fraudulent concealment of defects, as well as damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health.

(b) In case of breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), which is based only on simple negligence, the organizer is liable limited to the replacement of the foreseeable, contract-typical damage.

(c) Except as provided in paragraphs (a) and (b) above, the Organizer shall not be liable for any damage caused by ordinary negligence.

(d) Insofar as the liability of the organizer according to the preceding paragraphs is excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of its vicarious agents.


3.       Resale of eventtickets

The purchase of event tickets is expressly permitted for private purposes only. A commercial resale at higher prices than indicated on the event ticket is expressly prohibited.


4.      House Rules / Regulations for Use


By acquiring the event ticket, the purchaser accepts the house rules and usage rules of the individual venues. In addition, the following usage rules for events are recognized:


(1) General Usage Rules

(a) The bringing of pets, glass containers, bottles, pyrotechnic articles, torches, megaphones, laser pointers, as well as weapons (or objects usable as weapons) is prohibited. It is also forbidden to bring selfies with metallic components. Selfiesticks that are made exclusively of plastic or similar non-metallic material, however, are allowed. Security checks (including body searches included) are carried out by the police at the entrance. Their instruction is to be followed. The bringing of drinks and food is prohibited.

(b) In case of non-compliance, the items may be withheld against receipt until the end of the event. The safekeeping is at the risk of the purchaser.

(c) The distribution of advertising and pamphlets without express written permission is prohibited. The sale of goods without the written permission of the organizer is also not permitted.

(g) The instructions of the Ordnungspersonal in exercising the house right are to be obeyed.

(h) For wheelchair users, designated wheelchair parking spaces are available for fire safety or other safety reasons. Wheelchair users will only be allowed in the company of their caregiver and will have to follow the instructions of the staff regarding the choice of their parking space. For safety reasons, wheelchair users are therefore not allowed in the infield, frontstage, VIP and lodge area as there are no suitable seats.

(i) For persons who rely on an attendant but not on a wheelchair, access to other tickets and access to areas other than the wheelchair area is at their own risk. In this case, a corresponding ticket must also be purchased for the accompanying person.

(j) For security reasons, access to certain event areas may be restricted. There is no general access right. The organizer grants no re-entry when leaving the closed areas.

(k) Adapted clothing and footwear are recommended for outdoor events.


(2) Special rules for the use of parking spaces

(a) The journey to the event is made by the visitor independently and at his own risk. Parking is only allowed on the designated parking spaces. There may be separate regulations for parking. With the use of a parking lot, these are considered recognized.

(b) Access to the parking spaces is only permitted with a valid event ticket and only for vehicles up to a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes.

(c) Separate usage fees may apply to the parking of vehicles. The use of a parking lot does not constitute custody or security.

(d) The vehicles must be parked in such a way that entry and exit and entry and exit are guaranteed at all times. The rescue and traffic routes are to be kept free. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being converted or removed at the keeper’s expense. On the entire parking lot is the StVO. The instructions of the traffic control staff are to be obeyed. The responsibility for driving on the parking lot is the sole responsibility of the driver. The driver has to drive with the usual care.

(e) No smoking outside of vehicles is permitted.

(3) Special rules for the use of the underground car park

(a) Access to the underground car park is only permitted with a valid event ticket and a separate parking permit. The organizer does not take any care or special duties of care for the things brought in by the visitor. The visitor is obliged to observe the care required in traffic, in particular to strictly observe the signs and instructions attached to the traffic and parking regulations as well as the safety regulations. Instructions of the operator and the security service are always to be followed immediately.

(b) The organizer is entitled to remove the vehicle from the parking garage in case of an urgent danger. Furthermore, he may have it transferred at the expense of the visitor if he has disabled it or disabled it.

(c) The underground car park may only be used to park passenger cars (maximum height 2.00 m). The respective vehicle is to be parked on one of the marked parking spaces in such a way that unimpeded entry and exit is possible at any time on the adjacent parking spaces and no other visitors to the underground car park are hindered.

(d) The regulation on the construction and operation of garages and parking spaces (Garagenverordnung – GaV) of 17 November 2014 applies.

(e) In the underground car park, a speed of 10 km / h may not be exceeded. Attention must be paid to traffic signs and markings in the system. Incidentally, the provisions of the Road Traffic Act / (StVO) in the currently valid version apply.

(f) Passenger cars with trailers or individual trailers are not permitted. Gas powered vehicles are not allowed.

(g) In the underground garage and on the associated ancillary areas, in particular:

·         The storage of supplies and flammable objects, as well as the storage of empty fuel tanks

·         Smoking and using fire

·         The refueling of motor vehicles

·         Unnecessary honking

·         Adjusting vehicles with leaking tank, carburettor, oil tank etc.

·         The parking of unauthorized vehicles

·         The entry of the underground car park by unauthorized persons as well as by children under 12 years without accompanied adult

·         The stay beyond the time of the pure parking or pick-up operation

(h) In the underground car park, it is forbidden to repair, wash, clean inside the vehicle, drain cooling water, supplies or oils, leave waste behind, and cause any kind of contamination.

(i) The distribution of advertising material is prohibited in the underground car park. Violations will be prosecuted under civil law (eg removal costs) and prosecuted. This also applies to the entire event area as well as all parking areas and areas in the immediate vicinity of the event site. A special use can be requested from the Sté Doghmani Events SARL.


(4) Liability of the operator

(a) The organizer shall only be liable for damages that have been demonstrably caused by him, his employees or agents intentionally or through gross negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to the performance-typical area, but the liability is limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage. Liability for indirect and consequential damages is excluded. The visitor is obliged to report damage immediately in writing within 3 working days. Obvious damage must be reported before leaving the underground car park.

(b) The organizer is not liable for damages that are the sole responsibility of other visitors or other third persons. Claims for damages due to force majeure are excluded. The organizer is not liable for damages resulting from the loss of the vehicle due to theft or for damage caused by vehicle break-ins, vandalism and theft of objects to or from the interior of the vehicle.

(c) Disruptions to the technical equipment of the underground car park or its incorrect operation by the visitor do not constitute any claims for damages for the visitor.


(5) Liability of the visitor

The visitor is liable for all damages culpably inflicted by himself, his employees, his agents or accompanying persons on the organizer or third parties. He is obliged to report such damage to the organizer without being asked before leaving the underground car park. U. a. he is liable for contamination of the underground car park and its secondary areas in accordance with §4 (5) (f) to (i) for the cleaning costs.


5.       Refusal of admission and referral for good cause

(a) The right to refuse admission for good cause remains reserved to the organizer. As an important reason u. a. especially an obviously heavily intoxicated state of the visitor, an aggressive appearance or obvious drug influence. If the fault lies with the visitor, the claim for reimbursement of the purchase price is void.

(b) The visitor must always carry his event ticket with him on the event premises and present it on request. Visitors who can not show an event ticket can be directed from the event site. A deduction is not possible.

(c) When leaving the event grounds, the event ticket loses its validity. A visitor’s discount is not possible.

(d) Visitors with an invalid ticket or admission will not be admitted or will be sent off. We reserve the right to legal action.


6.       Execution, relocation or cancellation of the event / return and refund of the event ticket

(a) Event tickets will only be canceled if the event is canceled. Only the ticket price will be refunded, not the advance booking, shipping and other fees. Travel expenses will not be refunded. The visitor must therefore inform himself in good time, whether the event takes place. According to § 312g Abs. 2 No. 9 BGB the 14-day right of revocation is not valid for the purchase of tickets for concerts and festivals.

(b) In the event of cancellation, the organizer will only take back event tickets purchased through the ticket agencies. The tickets must be returned to the ticket agencies where they were purchased.

(c) The organizer reserves the right to relocate the event locally and / or on time. The event tickets will remain valid.

(d) In the case of program changes, the deletion of individual concerts from the program, including so-called headliners, the visitor has no claims against the organizer, as long as changes remain within a certain limits and the overall nature of the festival is maintained.

(e) Delays and relocations of individual program items are to be accepted by the visitor.

(e) The event takes place in all weathers. But it can lead to significant limitations. However, if due to the weather conditions, the danger of the life, the body or the health of the visitors, artists or staff to be feared, the concert will be canceled. Whether and in what amount the ticket price will be refunded, depends on the time of the concert cancellation and the services provided up to that time. The above provision applies accordingly if the concert must be terminated for other reasons (for example, official order, technical reasons).


7.       Copyright, sound and image recordings

(a) The performances of the event are subject to copyright. You are not permitted to bring sound recording devices, photographic, film, video and professional digital cameras. Sound and video recordings, even for private use, are prohibited.

(b) Upon entering the site, the visitor irrevocably agrees that he / she will be accepted without compensation as a visitor to the event and that the recordings will be broadcast live and public and extracts thereof will be published on the organizer’s platforms and their partners.


8. Applicable law

(1) Important notes for visitors of events

(a) hearing protection

At music events due to the volume of danger of possible hearing and health damage. The use of earplugs near the stage is strongly recommended. Earplugs are available at the entrance. According to prevailing medical opinion, volumes with an averaging level of 85 dB (A), based on 40 hours per week, can lead to hearing loss. In the immediate vicinity of the music system significantly higher levels can occur. The stay within this range is only recommended with hearing protection.

(b) For the journey it is recommended to use public transport.

(c) Pay attention to items brought along. For lost items, the organizer assumes no liability.

(d) To make sure that the event ticket is an original ticket, it is strongly recommended to buy the tickets only at the well-known ticket agencies